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Tool [Scripting] Firered Python Scripting with IPS Generator

Compatible Base ROMs
PKMN FireRed, PKMN LeafGreen
Alright, cut and dry this is an experiment that has worked surprisingly well so far. You script for the Pokemon games....with Python. Not to say there's a python interpreter in the game engine, but rather Python is your script editor. Honestly I think this screenshot I took last night from my first successful attempt explains it best:
Screenshot (15).png

Looking at my terminal, you see these commands:
$ python compile.py
Which gave me a JSON dump of where the compiled bytecode would be inserted, and what the compiled data looks like (roughly), as well as a ASCII interpretation of a generated IPS file that would apply this script.
So then I commented out the json dump line, ran again just to make sure the output was consistent. Then ran the same command with stdout redirected to bpre10.ips
$ python compile.py > bpre10.ips
Then I applied the patch with IPS, decompiled where I knew "entry" was (7960450=0x797782) in XSE and lo and behold! My script was there. My script that I made with Python. :)

Here is the repo if anybody is interested in contributing. Something that would help immensely is a json file for r/s/e and maybe even the move scripting thing, if possible? I would have to look into that to see if it's compatible though I would suspect it is. I came home today and spiced up the code a bit and I think I found an issue with ROMS that have been expanded but I don't really know that is the criteria it's just my suspicion.

Anyways, please give me feedback on this, I think it has some cool potential applications.