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Tutorial Setting up Pokeruby/Pokeemerald - The Fast Way

Compatible Base ROMs
PKMN Ruby, PKMN Sapphire, PKMN Emerald


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So, I thought that it could be a good idea to post this tutorial that I wrote at some point over here, for the people who wants to get stuff done quickly.

-Useful Links-
Cygwin: https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe
devkitPro: https://razaoinfo.dl.sourceforge.ne...utomated Installer/devkitProUpdater-1.6.0.exe
Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download

1) Download Cygwin's installer.
2) Run it, click on Next like there is no tomorrow and once you get to the packages selection, make sure that the "View" field is set to "Full".
3) Search "git" and "make", check them and then click on Next. If the installer asks you to install any required dependencies, leave that checked and click on Next.
4) Download and install devkitPro.
5) Go to C:\cygwin64 and execute cygwin.bat. Leave it opened for 30 seconds at worst and then close it.
6) Go to C:\cygwin64\home\(USER) and open the file ".bashrc" with a text editor (it is suggested to use "Notepad++".)
7) Add these 2 lines at the end of the file:
export DEVKITPRO=/cygdrive/c/devkitPro

8) Go to C:\cygwin64\bin and run mintty.exe
9) Execute cd and press enter.
10) Execute git clone http://www.github.com/pret/pokeruby --recursive
11) Once it's done, execute: git clone http://www.github.com/pret/pokeruby-tools --recursive
12) Once it's done, close Mintty and go to C:\cygwin64\home\(USER)\pokeruby-tools and grab the "tools" folder.
13) Paste it in C:\cygwin64\home\(USER)\Pokeruby
14) Go to C:\cygwin64\bin, run mintty.exe and execute: cd
15) Then execute cd pokeruby
16) Then execute make and just wait until the process is done.

Protip: You can assign cores of your CPU to the building process in order to speed things up.
To do so, write "make -jN" instead of just make, where N is the number of cores you want to assign.

If you built Pokeruby, once the process is completed, you're going to have a GBA ROM File of Pokémon Ruby v1.0 (USA) named "pokeruby.gba".
If you want to build the versions v1.1, v1.2 or Pokémon Sapphire, there's a handy list of make commands right here.

If you built Pokeemerald, once the process is completed, you're going to have a GBA ROM File of Pokémon Emerald (USA) named "pokeemerald.gba".

Your Pokeruby/Pokeemerald folder will be located in C:\cygwin64\home\(USER) so just go ahead and start messing around with it.

Have Fun.​
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Thank you for posting this. I've had issues getting set up and building pokeruby/pokeemerald in the past, and this would've been very helpful to have. I'm on a new computer now, so I'll definitely be using this once I get around to setting up the disassems again.


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Also, please note that yu don't really need cygwin unless you would like to use the Git functions I believe. I am able to build it with just Devkitpro.
Of course, there are faster ways. I think that the fastest may be using devkitARM's mSys.
This tutorial is simply supposed to be an alternative version of ProjectRevoTPP's, that is faster to read.
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