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Several Moves Broke...

So, I edited some moves and added 39 moves to my Emerald Mod-Hack, and most of them work fine (some seem impossible with my low skill level, specifically Dragon Tail. That was sad, but I replaced it with Dragon Rush, which works), but some don't work, and for some reason a bunch of other moves aren't working properly. I suspect all of them suffer from the same issue, but I'm not sure how to locate it. The bugged moves are:

Fury Cutter (changed BP to 25, acts as 1 power move with no effect)
Low Kick (acts as 1 power move with no effect)
Magnitude (acts as 1 power move with no effect)
Rollout (changed BP to 30, acts as 1 power move with no effect)
Reversal/Flail (acts as 1 power move with no effect)
Confusion (status) (acts as 1 power move)
Bulldoze (targets one enemy, does no damage)
and one custom move:
Gigas Gift (supposed to increase all of user's stats one stage, for some reason also deals dmg to user. I'm guessing effect 140 is "deal damage with a chance of increasing all of user's stats," so I may just leave it be.

There may be more moves that are bugged (I'm on my second test run and haven't encountered all the moves, not even all my own moves yet), but any insight into what is going on would be appreciated.

I am currently using PGE's built-in attack editor, if that helps at all. And I'm using the PhysSpecSplitEM1.4 patch to add the Physical/Special Split.

EDIT: Hidden Power is making me doubt the answer is as simple as I'd like it to be. I figured if I changed its power to 60 in PGE's Attack Editor, it would be a 60 power move. Nope. It's a 1 power move, though it does have its effect of the type varying by the user. I also discovered that at least with Low Kick, critical hits function properly (it one-shotted my Nosepass instead of doing 1 HP as it had every other turn). I am now even more confused.

...I just noticed I can attach files. Am I allowed to attach my .GBA file to this thread? Or only once it's properly ready for review on the in-dev forum?
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