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Short Interview with Sageone

Today, I'm going to talk with Sageone. In case you may not know who he is, he is the creator of the famous ROM hack called Pokemon Final Red. Now, if you have an account in WaH then you already know how famous this ROM hack is. If you don't have, let me tell you about this. Pokemon Final Red is a ROM hack with many modern features and unique storyline. This ROM is pretty much popular on WaH, it got 250K+ views in only 3 years! Now, we have pretty much basic knowledge about Final Red, now let's know about Sageone.

UC: Hello!

Sageone: Hi! How do you do?

UC: Do you mind if I ask you some questions about your hack?

Sageone: No, not at all.

UC: When did you first start this ROM hack?

Sageone: Around 2013...As far as I could remember

UC: What was the thing that got you into ROM hacking?

Sageone: Well, I was watching some youtube videos. Then I discover pokemon naranja of serg!o. So I was lurkering around trying to understand what is it and then I discover the romhacking world. Then I thought of making a hack and give it a go.

UC: Was it a team hack or solo?

Sageone: Solo...always.

UC: When did you release its first beta?

Sageone: I released first beta in 2014 christmas. Wanted to do something easiest than other things I've been doing before
and without realizing I got more a more focused on it

UC: How many beta versions of it were released?

Sageone: Not sure...7 or 9 I think. Since the alpha passing through the beta 1 and finishing on beta 2.4

UC: In which beta you had to struggle very much?

Sageone: 2.3

UC: Do you mind if I ask why?

Sageone: Because I've been in my last college year. I quit to hack. Not because it was hard with the job and college. But cuz I wanted to go further and I got stressed . So we could call it a stand by a season. A hiatus haha.

UC: Which feature did you find most hard to insert?

Sageone: Mega evolution and the change of Overworld. Insert the mega evolution means to restart all the project to doing it compatible. And about the OW , Expanding them and changing the player overworld with another one to doing it more realistic.

UC: Did your hack win any awards?

Sageone: Officially it didn't. I wasn't that much interested about it, though. But when I watch gameplay videos and others getting fun, I think that's the real award.

UC: Did you encounter any problem where people seem to be messaging you about the arrival of next beta?

Sageone: Mmm yeah. But that was most in the last year and even more in 2016.

UC: What would be your advice to Junior ROM hackers?

Sageone: A thing that I'll always tell to them. Making a good ROM hack is hard as you want to go further. The elementary thing is getting fun in the process. If you would learn how to improve, very good. The smartest person is not a genius but who knows how to apply what they known.

UC: Ok, thanks a lot for giving time to this.

Sageone: Thanks to you. Was a pleasure.