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Other [Tool] Offset Finder - Advanced Offset -v3.beta.1

Compatible Base ROMs
PKMN FireRed, PKMN LeafGreen, PKMN Ruby, PKMN Sapphire, PKMN Emerald


New member
So I always forget to write down offset for images and table repointing . And if you've done that, then you know how terrible it can be trying to change it on a later date, or to add stuff to an ini file. Well today I bring you a solution to that issue. The Advanced Offset! It will automagically find common table and image pointers!

A handy amount of offsets magically for you!
Supply your own offsets!
Magical ini creation powers!
Yea thats about it. :-/
Supports FireRed and Emerald and soon to come literally any GBA game-maybe-!

Screenshot - sorta big so I spoilereded it

Bugs/Things you may not like
It's not pretty anymore :cry:

Source Code

v3-beta.2 Download
From now on all updates will be available on my github only

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