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Suggestion Variable text color inside spoiler tags for different styles

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Came up with this problem that if you try putting text inside spoiler tags, it's shown well in Light style as almost black text, but there is no way of showing the text properly in default, Dark style. As an example
Here is some text..

On the other hand, if you set the contents under the SPOILER tag inside
[DIV=color: #777]Here is some text..[/DIV]
, the outcome is more readable in both currently usable styles:
Here is some text in color #777.

It could be good idea to use either a more readable color for both styles, or even better, variable text color depending on the style used (if possible).
Never mind. This problem is apparently actually solved the way I suggested it to be solved... Had problems with it in DE thread anyhow (because of apparently having self-defined css related to colors on the background).

Feel free to remove this thread if you like.
Not open for further replies.