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What got you into rom hacking?


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What was the thing that got you into rom hacking? Well, about me when I got to know a person named KDS aka Chacha Dinosaur on discord. I got motivation and inspiration by seeing his works.


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Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide got me into ROM hacking because I thought that I might be able to create a game that was really enjoyable like that.
I don't remember exactly what got me into rom hacking, but what I do remember is one day I was looking up Action Replay and/or Gameshark codes for Pokemon Emerald, and stumbled across Pokemon Liquid Crystal videos, and this was back in late 2012.
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Funny enough, the Dark Rising series also got me into romhacking, but for the opposite reason. The amount of bugs in the first game that could have been solved by a beginner's knowledge of ASM and using a free space finder made me decide that I could absolutely do better than that. Which I know is a kind of self-centered way to look at things, but it did give me the push I needed to start looking into hacking, before the gen 3 disassemblies were a glimmer in pret's eyes. At this point it's less about doing better than buggy hacks that I have issues with though, and more passion for passion's sake.


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I wanted to make a Gold and Silver remake before GS remakes were cool. I had a prototype before ShinyGold came out, but progress was slow and zel quickly outpaced me when he posted his hack, so I decided to do something more original. Worked out well for me. I've been sporadically working on one hack for quite a few years now and it's coming along nicely. I don't want to post or do any advertising or hyping until I'm finished with it, as I'm so busy that progress is too slow to promise regular updates. The disassems will speed everything up tremendously, so I'm focused on parts of the game that can easily be ported to the disassem, while leaving the other things as they are.


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What initially got me into it was how the series of GB/C/A games felt like they were missing some content that would have made them a lot more fun. I sometimes wished there was more event/challenge content available post-game, and that I didn't have to trade to get some of my favorite Pokémon at the time (like Steelix, Gengar and Kingdra). These things are what inspired the features in CosmicEmerald.
I got into Rom Hacking world by playing Ruby Destiny series (especially the first two series) and it really hooked me for its different storyline and mapping especially the new pokemons additions really could surprised me. I replayed that game quite alot and each time I could thought of new ideas and feel motivated to make one myself. It has been 5 years but still failed to make one.. well rom hacking definitely needs something more than just the skills
I have always wanted to make a Pokemon game, especially when I was in 4th grade. After getting into it and talking with my friends a bunch about it at lunch and recess, I decided to send a letter to Nintendo, giving them my ideas of wanting multiple regions in one game, your Pokemon to follow you, character customization, everything that ever child dreamed would be perfect for a video game. I even started to go as far as recoloring sprites and trying to put together and write story ideas, essentially trying to make custom maps in Paint and create scenes and whatnot like I saw people do on DeviantArt and YouTube. That's about when I stumbled upon those funny lil hacks, where people would make extensions onto Littleroot Town and put crazy legendary Pokemon in the wild grass, sloppy but fun kid stuff. With those, as well as watching playthrough videos of [his channel is long gone and I can't recall what it was, I think the first part was either "silver" or "metal," but I know for sure the second half was skarmory] playing hacks, specifically the Pokemon Brown remake, I was inspired and wanted to make my own story that felt like a Pokemon game, but was completely new. Since about 2010/2011, I've been trying to make different hacks that people like him and MO would wanna play and show off, ones that I would like to replay and forget were even mine because they were that good. However, I've not had the luck I wish I had. The first big hack I remember trying to work on was an AU timeline story where you play as Youngster Joey in a world were Red said "Yes" to Team Rocket after Nugget Bridge, but that died. I attempted to make my own custom region with a new and interesting story as well as new characters, and then I moved it over to RPGMaker, which saw Shadow Pokemon and that story detail included, but it died while I was getting through high school. Now, after 7 years I am back at my roots and, when I have the time away from work and school, am working on my Emerald DLC project, to finally see a game that includes all four regions (that were known of in Gen III).
I know it's probably overly detailed, but tldr; playing in MS Paint led me to YouTube, which introduced me to hacks, which led to trying to make my own
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I bumped into pokemon ruby destiny LOG while downloading gameboy advance roms, because it was recommended. I didn't really know anything about hacks so I just tried it out.

That game completely enamored me, with the music, the help system that made the game so smooth to play. The hard battle with stealth that played that chrono cross music was a great climax. That game made me love pokemon again. Only issue was every pokemon using double team XD.

I also really loved aethestode's adventures red. Best scripting I've ever seen.

I really wanna finish one hack, before I fully dedicate myself to developing my career and finishing school...


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Serg!o's Pokémon Naranja, Alexmad's Pokémon Mitic Island and KODER's Pokémon Iris, pretty much.
Back in.. I don't know, 2009? 2010? I saw those pretty wonderful ROM Hacks and I felt an interest in Pokémon ROM Hacking right away.
I thought that maybe I would be able to find some feel-like new pokemon games, quality creations that I could play and enjoy as if they were GF's creations.
I first heard about hacks from my brother who played some pokemon hacks on his psp. This must have been sometime around 2010-2012. I then somehow heard about pokemon bloody diamond and played it and really enjoyed it. This made me interested to find out how to romhack myself.