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What improvements would you like the resources / tools you use to ROM hack to have?


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For example, let's take Advance Map. A lot of Gen 3 hackers use it, but its code isn't open source, I believe. It would be an improvement if its code were open source, if I am correct.

One tool I really wish was available is a sprite sheet importer for Gen 2 Pokemon games. I don't like having to add the front, back, shiny front, and shiny back sprites separately using AGIXP. I know you can use the disassemblies for importing sprites, but I'm more of a binary tool user.
I'll definitely agree with a sprite sheet importer being useful. Or if nothing else, at least having an up-to-date utility like AgiXP that actually runs on newer Windows OS. Personally haven't gotten that tool to work since moving on to Vista years ago, but I do have an old PC in my hometown with Windows XP lying around. Could potentially use that for sprite insertion still.

But yeah - like you said there, if you're editing a pokemon g/s/c rom file, you can add the new sprite in pokecrystal disassembly, compile it, see where the sprite was inserted, and finally copy paste the compressed sprite into the rom hack file. On the other hand, we could also develop a tool for doing this exact same thing by taking the compression algorithm from pokecrystal.

Unless you're adding a large amount of new pokemon sprites in the game, it's not such a big deal to insert the front and back sprites with AgiXP. For loads of sprites, a tool that handles both the front and back sprites along with both normal and shiny palettes would really come in handy though..

After you have done this, you have already gotten the pokemon to show up properly in battles with the correct normal palette. The only thing that is left to be changed is the shiny palette and this is something that can be also re-written in the rom manually because there are utilities that visualize 16-bit / 2-byte values in RGB colors. Thus re-insertion of the same sprite isn't really necessary (and shouldn't even be done I think).
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