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White Screen of Death

Is there a way to find out what causes a white screen to load instead of starting the ROM? I may have completely wrecked my ROM trying to correct various potential errors to make it load.

Also, my tools no longer recognize my file as a valid pokemon game after trying to correct that issue along with a couple other minor tweaks. I only have a backup of the one sprite I was editing and a backup clean ROM. Is there a way to fix that or will I have to manually input all my changes (which I at least managed to write down) into a clean file again?
You probably didn't overwrite free space (FF bytes) in your ROM. Always check in a hex editor if the offset you're using contains FF bytes. You'd be better off starting fresh.
Thank you. I'll keep that in mind, learn my hex editor better, and make a backup after each step. And input everything manually into spreadsheets in case I manage to screw up that royally again.