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Who do you look up to in the hacking community?


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I look up to linkandzelda (Webmaster), Koolboyman, Diegoisawesome, karatekid552, JPAN, Mateo, Avara, Bela, Pia Carrot (Mod), Drayano, and aethestode. I know a lot of those people are on this forum lol. Who do you look up to in the hacking community?
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Pia Carrot

The reason I started hacking was because of Zel's ShinyGold, Serg!o's Naranja and koolboyman's Prism. I still look at all of their hacks very fondly despite some of them aging very poorly lol.


Nobody, they all suck.

Nah there's nobody that I look up to particularly but I do have an appreciation for the effort that some of my friends in the community put in, specifically Pia, Luna and Rangi, but not excluding anyone (except LaZ).
Similarly to what Alice said, appreciating effort made by many in terms of research and documentation especially. Of course having excellent rom hacks by experts is cool too.

There is someone I could say I somewhat look up to. Not many here know him, but talking about a german, veteran GameBoy / gen II rom hacker with nickname of Tauwasser. I don't think he's that active anymore, but you can find him in Skeetendo forums.

Pretty much every time I used to figure out something really cool in my opinion (as an example, I remember writing a tutorial that was somewhat a "hacky solution" in using the partially implemented Name your mother asm routine from G/S/C to actually name a third character (not just the player and his/her rival)), Tauwasser used to be there to not run you down (although it used to feel like that sometimes as well), but giving opinions on how this stuff could be implemented better, and what you were possibly missing from the correct solution when you were in a trouble. A whole different thing is, did I understand his help back then ("there's this really complex structure here, and once you do this and that, you've got the job well done") :cool:

Also in case you want to see something cool from him, Tauwasser used to start this Pokemon Midnight rom hack, but I don't think it ever got even close to being finished. Here's a video clip of a playthrough of the publicly available demo from 2004 (?). Don't know where to find it anymore though.



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I have a certain amount of respect for those who have gone through the trouble of providing essential groundwork - some of which many others depend on in some cases to even get started. For example, a couple of names that come to mind when I think of ROM Hacking are HackMew and LU-HO, who are credited for programs such as Xtreme Script Editor and Advance Map, respectively.
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I don't per-say have people I look up so much as it's a healthy respect for what they have created. I remember first finding out about Pokemon hacks over on Vizzed Board back in middle school. I can't really remember the first few I played but eventually I came across linkandzelda's Liquid Crystal. Honestly I think that was the first time in 3-4 years that I really enjoyed playing Pokemon since I couldn't afford a DS. Then I eventual came across Drayno, Aethestode, DarkRisingGirl, redriders180, and Spherical Ice to name a few. If it weren't for all of them I probably wouldn't still be playing Pokemon right now.