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y o

hey guys this is Full Metal if anybody still remembers me. I mostly play overwatch but I think I'd like to make a GBA hack just.....slowly. at my own speed and just for fun so I thought I'd come here since I saw PHO (RHO?) was migrating while I was looking for some stuff I posted ages ago. If anybody plays overwatch, send me those dms I'm a tank main and bad internet made my games look like this:

I'm not diamond level good but I'm not silver elo bad either. Also if you want to work with me on developing stuff for RH I'm down to work on that too. I don't have school to worry about any more, just work. :)
Tyler Elric
yeah man I just got bored with ROM Hacking and was busy with school. Now I'm just working and playing overwatch, so I thought I might get back into it. But approaching it as a computer scientist this time.