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You could say I’m new around here.

Hello all! I’ve just recently started working on my first ever rom hack and stumbled across this site while looking for guides and toturials.
I’m mainly here for help in that context.

Now the “get to know you” section. Lol
I actually would say I’m more friendly behind a keyboard than in person.
Gen five is amazing in my opinion (I admit I have nostalgia goggles for the fourth and fifth)
I’m completely new to threads and this format of online stuff in general. So I might mess up the rules sometimes. (It’s always looked so complicated lol)
INTP if you’re into Myers Briggs
First Pokémon game was Heartgold in 2010.
Retired shiny hunter (once they lowered the encounter rate in Gen 6 I was out)
Canadian ??
Yeah, looking forward to my future interactions with you all! ?