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New profile posts

Giorno Giovanna has a dream, and that dream is close to become true!

It was about goddamn time Vento Aureo got an anime adaptation. I can't wait! <3
I know there's a way to be able to catch trainer Pokemon in FR. I need to be able to capture specific Pokemon, though.
What does this place have in common with RHM?
Lack of activity
An annoying british person that only appears when he isn't needed.
Likes: Mako
Pokemon Emerald with no icons.
lol, I didn't realize even that this place existed until someome said that it's dead.
Still better content than that other site imo
Why hellooooooo there~

So is this where you've been all this time? I've been hanging out in a discord server for the last several months.
Hello friends. I'm new on silphco forum. I hope you help me understanding it. Thank you
Hey man! It's been long time, hope you doing well :)
Incase you are confused with who I am
remember "Revamped Red Version"?
Hello! I want to chat with you about your game. Please comment your fb or Instagram ID.
I have no idea, I haven't made any new content for the story since Beta 2.1 since I'm busy studying. Don't expect a new release in the upcoming months;)
Likes: lucky
Okay ☺
Reply me conservation.
Yeah sorry guys, this hiatus is turning into me stepping down, at least for now. Too much going on rn and I need to kill the stress sources I can, and this is the first one. I might be back in the future once the dust has settled, we'll see